What Did I Miss?

0085 meI can never remember the blogging rules. When returning from a hiatus, do you acknowledge the absence, or just dive back in as though you were never gone? Or are you supposed to hang up your Gone Fishin’ sign before slipping out the backdoor? If it’s the latter, that could be a problem for me since I generally don’t know when I’ll go off the grid until I’m well into the thick of it. Continue reading →

Tomorrow Has Been Canceled

Carpe Diem!!

In terms of ups and downs, the past five years has been quite the roller-coaster ride — losing my wife, my house, my friends, my job, my car, etc.  And during those downs times, I’ve been given a fair amount of advice. Some of it good and some obviously pulled directly from the asses of people with absolutely no clue what they were talking about.

There should be a saying like, “If the advice you’re about to give is a cliché, shut up.” I think the reason there isn’t, is because over time, most sayings will become cliché. So using this one would eventually, and ironically, be used to advise people not to use it. Then we’d all get stuck in an endless logic loop that would cause our brains to collapse like Carrie White’s house on Prom Night. Continue reading →

Lesbian Movie Rules

The lure of the lesbian movie. Who among us can resist?

The “us” I refer to would be other lesbians. I’m not trying to exclude anyone, but if I tossed that question out to the general public, a great many would say they have no problem resisting. And if I then explained that by “lesbian movie,” I mean the type of movie you go see in a theater and not the kind you bring up on your electronic viewing device of choice when you finally have the house to yourself for 15 minutes, all those who agreed that they’re tough not to watch, would move over to the “it’s no problem” camp.
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Jesus, Now With Super Powers!

You may not have noticed, but I have a tendency to be somewhat irreverent at times. It’s never done with any malicious intent, I’m perfectly capable of going full asshole when I choose to. But I do recognize that even when something is said or written for a laugh, there are those who either don’t get the joke or don’t think the topic at hand lends itself to jokery.
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