I’ve been inspired to do something new, which I’m calling “Damn, I wish I wrote that …” After Cikumukami’s post caused me to inhale my ice cream (and you thought ice cream headaches were bad…), I thought, “Gee, I bet other people would like to know what almost killed me.” So here’s her spot-on explanation of how lesbians … y’know …

It’s A Little Dyke In Here – March 2, 2015

“So what do you actually, you know… do?”
“Well. It all begins with something we like to call the “joining of the lunar essences”. We hold hands, look deeply into each other’s eyes and harness one another’s erotic energy. Next comes an elaborate tea-drinking ceremony, where we name our favorite feminist poets. If we agree on more than three, we can move onto the binding of the goddess egos.”

0043 - number 15The Writing  Challenge of Indeterminate Duration – Day 15

It’s Sunday! And you know what that means! That’s right, it’s Anything Can Happen Sunday (ACHS) here on Pucker Up Buttercup! I’m your host, the Baroness Lesbiana Von Lichtenclit and have we got some fun lined-up for you! Continue Reading…

The Writing Challenge of Indeterminate Duration – Day 14
Why is it true that you are right so much of the time and everyone else gets things so wrong?

Is it just me, or do0042 Day 14es it seem like 642 Things To Write About is being a bit sarcastic with that writing prompt? I get the feeling that the book’s contributors may be having a bit of fun at the expense of me and people like me. And if that’s the case, I just want to say that it’s rude and in poor taste, because my condition is far from funny. Continue Reading…

A collection of things I hear that make me think, “That would make a great opening line for a story!”

It looked like a place people who don’t want to be found would end up.

Overheard: Accidental Openings

0041 TWCOID day 13-elevator-buttonThe Writing Challenge Of Indeterminate Duration – Day 13
I’m Flying Solo Today!

When I wanted to learn how to edit my home video, I found that I’d have to buy a new PC because the one I had lacked the memory and speed required to run editing software. And when my camcorder began showing signs of dying, I went looking for a new one — preferably one that could “do that HD thing”  because it’s always a good idea to throw some terminology around so you won’t be taken for a noob. It’s even better, though, if you have some idea what you’re talking about before you commence terminology tossing.  Continue Reading…

The Writing Challenge Of Indeterminate Duration – Day 12
The toy you most treasured.

I still have the first toy I ever got. I don’t remember much about getting it because I had just been born that morning and was more concerned with why I was no longer in the warm, floaty place and the manner by which I’d been extracted. Seriously, if you’re go to the trouble of putting in an exit, make sure it’s big enough to actually fit through. Continue Reading…

0040 elevenThe Writing Challenge Of Indeterminate Duration – Day 11
The closest experience you’ve ever had to having your life flash before your eyes.

The idea of one’s life flashing before their eyes always struck me as territory of people with  a flair for the dramatic and a fondness for cliches. Lives take place on a continuum with experiences occurring in a linear fashion. Although we can typically think things faster than we can do them (e.g. thinking about making dinner vs actually making dinner), thinking thoughts still takes time. Even a flash takes time — not a long time, but time none the less.
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You know how people sometimes say, “It’s so ugly it’s cute”?

This is not one of those times …

8BoDerekThe Writing Challenge Of Indeterminate Duration – Day 10
How you feel about love these days

Well, love is a many splendored thing, I know that. Some people say love stinks, love is blue or even that they’ve had enough of silly love songs. Maybe they lost that loving feeling and are looking for a new love; so they keep asking Is this love? but all they hear back is That ain’t love.

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A collection of things I hear that make me think, “That would make a great opening line for a story!”

He had crazy eyes and a Mexican wife.

Overheard: Accidental Openings