There Oughta Be A Law

Bill schoolhouse rockI don’t know how it works in rest of the world, but here in the U.S. of A. the start of a new year marks the date that new legislation often goes into effect. For instance, on January first Hawaii raised the minimum age to buy or use cigarettes and e-cigs from 18 to 21. Apparently, joining the armed services and risking death by bullets or explosions is a decision 18 year olds are equipped to make, but throwing their hats into the lung cancer ring requires an additional three years of maturity. Continue reading →

I Can See Clearly Now

0075 Overlook HotelThere have been times when I’ve wanted to write a post about something, but a little voice whispered that it might be best to noodle it around a bit before committing ink to paper (or font to screen, or idea to the webernet or whatever the comparison du jour might be). And while the same can’t be said for when it tells me the CIA has implanted a tracking device in my brain or that spending the winter writing in a remote, not at all haunted, mountain-top resort hotel with my annoying wife, Wendy, and creepy little boy, Danny, is a good idea, more often than not the voice is right about blog topics.
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