Anything Can Happen Sunday – Monday Edition

One of the best aspects of JBACHINGTAWHS (Just Because Anything Can Happen Is No Guarantee That Anything Will Happen Sunday, formerly known as Anything Can Happen Sunday, or ACHS), is its flexibility. So, if on Sunday I were to close my eyes for a bit in an effort to vanquish a headache, only to wake up hours later with the day almost over and nothing written, it’s perfectly acceptable to open the publishing window a little wider and post Sunday’s story on Monday. Continue reading →

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

I love television. I always have and I suspect I always will. I saw the first episode of Sesame Street, tuned in for MTV‘s first day on the air and generally fell asleep trying to stay up and watch Saturday Night Live during its early seasons. Television has been my companion, my babysitter and my teacher. I can walk into my kitchen and instantly forget what I went in there for, but I can remember theme songs and commercial jingles from better than forty years ago.
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Am I Doing It Right?

As a lesbian who hasn’t been in a relationship with a man since the late 80s, I can’t speak with the same authority on their fun-bits as I can about a woman’s. However, unlike hairspray usage and shoulder-pad size, it’s probably safe to say not much has evolved in certain areas since I last swung Continue reading →