Calling All Poets!!

I had a fantastic IMG_20130731_083211experience today that I must share …

I signed up on Fiverr last week and thought I should take it for a spin around the block before I added any of my own Gigs. To see what the buying experience was like, I went to the Music & Audio section and found a singer/musician who was offering to set an original poem or lyrics to music. I sent her one of my poems and sat back to see what would happen.

To say I was pleasantly surprised would not only be the understatement of the year, it would be the understatement of the year that’s capable of kicking the asses of every previous understatement of the year for as long as there have been understatements of the year.  I’ve attached the song she sent back and I must insist that you all listen to it immediately. I’ll wait …

See what I mean?? I was totally blown away! Then I thought, there are a million talented poets on WordPress, and I’m sure some of them would like to get blown, too. And the rest might like to have one of their poems musicalized.

I’ve attached a link to her Fiverr profile below, or you can just click here. If you take advantage of her amazing talent, I’d love to hear what she does with your work, since she’s my new favorite singer and all.

Anything Can Happen Sunday – Yearbooks

While looking for Anything Can Happen Sunday inspiration, I came across all my middle school and high school year books. I thought they were deeply buried in storage somewhere, but obviously I was wrong. And what better way to celebrate this happy find, then to share some of it with you? And what better to share than the tradition of yearbook signing? Continue reading →

All The Poets Can Relax

It’s no secret that were it not for my friend Gillette (so named because she’s edgy like a razor) this blog would not have been resurrected. Gillette is a gift-giving savant who on more than once occasion has presented me with gifts eerily perfect for for jump-starting my creativity. For example, Anything Can Happen Sunday is a direct result of Gillette giving me the book 642 Things To Write About.
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