Anything Can Happen Sunday – Yearbooks

While looking for Anything Can Happen Sunday inspiration, I came across all my middle school and high school year books. I thought they were deeply buried in storage somewhere, but obviously I was wrong. And what better way to celebrate this happy find, then to share some of it with you? And what better to share than the tradition of yearbook signing?

Since I don’t have access to any of the undoubtedly wise and inspiring messages I left for my friends, my only option is to let you in on the heartfelt things they said to me when faced with the reality of not seeing one another again … or at least not for three months when the next school year would start.

1977 – 6th Grade

It seems that in the 6th grade we were young and inexperienced and hadn’t really gotten the hang of yearbook signing yet …

A really nice girl who always had a neat newspaper.

Good luck in the summer.

Best wishes.

1978 – 7th Grade

By the time seventh grade ended, we’d gotten much better and the messages were a bit more interesting.

Hope you have a great summer! Sorry we’re not best friends anymore but I guess we just got sick of each other. Hope you always remember the good times we had with Miss M. Especially with the copying machine. (Ha Ha)
Love ya always,

Dear Buttercup,
You are a pretty good friend and have a good personality. I’m really happy you made it for Pres and I hope you do a good job at it. And most of all have a great summer and stay out of trouble.
Bye, see ya next year (I hope)

Hi, well the school year is about over, it’s been really fun!!!!! You better be a good President!! I know you’ll be a great Prez. Congratulations! You’re a really good friend and I hope we stay that way. Well have a great summer and good luck next year.
Love always,

You are such a good friend and will always be a good friend. I hope we get classes together next year (so we can goof-off!) Good luck with D HaHa! Or whoever comes along! Good luck in everything you do, also luck in the 8th grade (I hope you are a good 8th grade pres!)
Lots of Love

I’m really glad I met you because you brightened up my life with your superb jokes! And I’m even happier that you won the election for President because I think you’ll make a super-fantabulous-great pres! (along with other things)! Next year I hope will be 1,000,000 times better than this year! We really had some good times in fact, great times! So have a wild and carazy summer and I’ll see you next year!
Love always and forever,

To a Wild and Crazy gal,
I don’t understand how at the beginning of the year you thought I didn’t like you, but I did. Now we’re becoming better friends hope we always stay that way. If you ever want to do something, just call.
Friends always,

1979 – 8th Grade

And at the end of eighth grade, we were practically professionals!

This year was so great I don’t even want it to end!! I’ve talked to you about so many different things that I would never talk to anyone else about!! I’m glad you came to me with your “guy problems” and I hope I helped you, maybe I could try for 2 out of 3!! Ha!Ha! Now I’ll put all the stuff you want to hear! You are a great friend, a great person and I hope you stay that way forever! I’m not joking either! I hope you and D stay together for a long time. I will never forget about the beginning of the year with you and your probs but I’m glad that’s over with and so are you I bet!! Well I hope we stay friends forever!!
Love always,

I have a million things to say but I don’t think they will all fit on this page! It’s been a great year and I owe almost all of it to you! Because you’re such a super person!!!! (I can’t believe it!) I hope next year is just as good as this year was! Please keep Esonal to always remember me! Don’t forget to call me in the summer!
Love always and forever,
PS: I wonder if the manikan is still naked in Broadway!?!

Buttercup III Esquire,
Well one more year has gone by and we haven’t made out yet! (Ha Ha) I think our three years have been worth it, don’t you think so? I will never forget good old West, this is where all of the good times our “gang” had happened. I hope you meet Steve Martin and anyone else you want to (if you know what I mean). Well I better get going now because I have to sign some more.
Love and friendship forever,

Initially my plan was to share items from my high school yearbooks as well, but then I realized it would be more prudent to save those for a future Sunday when I’m struggle for inspiration. So instead, I’ll leave you with a poem from my 8th grade yearbook. I have no memory of writing it, but have it on the authority of more than a few trustworthy sources, that it did indeed come from me.
Of course, “trustworthy” is a relative term and it’s entirely possible that they were just fucking with me. So if I’m taking credit for the work of someone else, I apologize.

West Is …
The word rang out from far and near,
“West IS Best” … have no fear.
We slowly entered in ’76,
Aware of the upper classmen
And their bag of tricks.

West is laughing and having a good time,
Or trying to make this stupid poem rhyme.
It’s going out to get something new,
Just so that guy will notice you.

West is uttering an uncouth exclamation,
When you get a new lock and no combination.
It’s when ABC cameras came in force,
To televise our gophers which were as big as a horse.

West is the talent show, the best program by far,
With each act a potential star.
It’s having extra money on hand,
When some sold $1 Peanuttles for $2 a can.

0068ACHS_ WestIsTheWordWest is going to the Christmas disco,
Dancing to Village People’s “San Francisco.”
It’s going through the Steve Martin years,
Wearing our arrows and bunny ears.

West is playing football and not losing face,
Even though we came in fourth place.
It’s GAA, beating Griffiths in the fall,
And coming in first for volleyball.

West is always having faith,
That we’ll graduate from 8th.
In the halls it can be heard,
West is Best … West IS the word!


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