All The Poets Can Relax

It’s no secret that were it not for my friend Gillette (so named because she’s edgy like a razor) this blog would not have been resurrected. Gillette is a gift-giving savant who on more than once occasion has presented me with gifts eerily perfect for for jump-starting my creativity. For example, Anything Can Happen Sunday is a direct result of Gillette giving me the book 642 Things To Write About.

When I declared that Anything Can Happen Sunday would be officially recognized in the barony, I failed to realized that it might be somewhat difficult to dream up interesting and exciting types of blog posts every week. In fact, it’s entirely possible that ACHS would not have been celebrated today if it weren’t, once again, for the stellar efforts and abilities of everyone’s favorite muse.

Before I relate the tale of how she saved the day, I want to announce that Anything Can Happen Sunday0063 Haikube set will be replaced by Just Because Anything Can Happen Is No Guarantee That Anything Will Happen Sunday (JBACHINGTAWHS). Also, in recognition of her valuable and consistent efforts, February 18 (the date of the inaugural ACHS post) will be known as Gillette Appreciation Day and celebrated accordingly throughout the barony.

The gift that allowed0063 Haikube set 1 ACHS take place today is Haikubes, poetry-inspiring tool that uses over 60 dice imprinted with random words one must use to create the Japanese poetry, Haiku, for which it’s named. All the dice are rolled at once, including the two specialized ones that indicate the tone and theme of the poem. I must admit that I underestimated the difficulty of the exercise, which is why today’s post is being published so late in the day.

On my first roll,0063 Haikube set 2 the result of the two specialized dice was A Reflection On My Romantic Life, and the best Haiku I could create using the 60 word dice was:

It’s an empty heart,
Silly girl torture for me,
My love feeling wrong.

Okay, so that wasn’t going to win any awards or make Japanese poets fear for the safety of their jobs, but it was only my first try.

0063 Haikube set 3On the next roll, I got A Dream About My Family. Because the word dice didn’t lend themselves to any dream/goal type ideas, I went instead in the sleeping dream direction:

The swimming doctor,
Giant brother in water,
Yelled he pregnant, too.

That one turned out even worse than the first and it was getting late in the afternoon, so I took one more shot and 0063 Haikube set 4ended up with A Vision For Our World, which led to this:

A hellbent hero,
Clever promises of peace,
Opens up our eyes.

Clearly my Haiku writing skills leave much to be desired, but at least I don’t have to take full responsibility for the suck-y nature of my efforts and can just chalk it up to a roll of the dice.


  1. I am always so honored by any and every shout out from you my endlessly talented, effortlessly charming, sharply witty as one-of-those-knives-you-so-disturbingly-collect my baroness! I love you to pieces and just about live for your posts. I’m not sure about this Haikubes game I got you though…😳❤️

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Maybe I should change my name to The Baroness of Blades!
      I remember learning about Haiku in the 3rd grade. And even with the help of the cubes, it seems my poetry skills remain at the level of an eight-year-old. Next time I’ll have to try The Storymatic and see if I’m more successful with that game.
      Thanks ever so much for all your encouragement and awesome toys.
      I love you lots!

      PS: Charming? Really? I think I like that 🙂



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