Is It Award Season Already?

sisterhoodoftheworld_logoIt seems that a dragon of the hidden variety from The Book of the Seven Forbidden Wisdoms has nominated me for The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. As with other WordPress awards, there are never any winners, only nominees. And I like that because when a WP blogger says, “I’m happy just to be nominated,” we really mean it. It’s not about pretending to be humble while calling on the universe to pleeeeaaase let you win. It’s about writers recognizing and appreciating each other, which is about the highest compliment we can pay to our fellow wordsmiths. Continue reading →

Let Me Entertain You

0027 Versatile Blogger

Let me do a few tricks

Some old and then some new tricks

I’m very versatile …

Sweet fancy Moses! First the Liebster Award and now this! Does my awesomeness know no bounds? I’d like to thank the lovely and talented Amanda at Write in the Wrong Way for this award. She smokes, she drinks, she swears and she’s a soccer mom! If we could just do something about her heterosexuality and that pesky husband of hers

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