Endless Light

My posting frequency has suffered a bit over the past few months, but I’m happy to report that this time it isn’t because I’ve gone tumbling ass over elbows down into the depths of depression again. A while back I mentioned that I’d set up an account on Fiverr.com, and it turns out there’s actually a market for terrible animation … who knew?? So between animating my ass off and having sub par time management skills, blogging has ranked pretty high on my Things To Neglect list.

Animation isn’t all about being chained to a desk in a rundown cartoon sweatshop, drawing the same pictures over and over and over for $0.78 an hour. Just kidding. It’s actually exactly like that … just without that lucrative compensation package. And while I do occasionally get a Fiverr Gig that’s a bit of a grind, more often I’m working with other creative types who have a good idea of what they want and I get to bring it to life. Like God.

It was a bit like that on one of my recent projects. I had the opportunity to work with Pete Duffy, Master Musician, Sound Genius and Proprietor of The Dreams Loft recording studio in Galway, Ireland. Yes, I’ve gone international … my bad drawings are just that good. Pete recorded an original song, Endless Light, where he did vocals and played almost all the instruments — kind of like Prince, but with a brogue … and alive — and he wanted an animated video to go with it.

The finished¬†animation was pretty good. Not “look out Pixar people, I’m coming for your jobs” good, but “not having to figure out what animal I was trying to draw” good. And Pete liked it, which is really what was important. And lucky you! Now you get to see if you like it, too! And please keep in mind that I can see how many times the video was played, so I’ll be crushed and devastated if no one watches it.

Thanks to Pete for giving me the opportunity to work with him, and if you should find yourself in need of any terrible animation, you know where to find me.


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