The WCOID – Day 4, On Spontaneously Combusting Trousers

The Writing Challenge of Indeterminate Duration – Day 4
Write about something you know nothing about. Make it all up

I though0033 TWCOID - Day 4t that today was going to be the first time I ventured outside the pages of my book for a post prompt, because every random page I landed on had suggestions that were serious or depressing . . .

  • What always brings you to tears?
  • When was the last time you were betrayed?
  • The conversation you wished you’d had?

I can’t imagine it would behoove me to stir up a bunch of sad memories and missed opportunities at a time when I’m already feeling depressed. But I could be wrong; it’s not like I’m not a doctor. Well, not a licensed doctor …

To put a silver lining in the cloud of depression that’s been following me around like my life is just one long Abilify commercial, I’ve discovered there’s actually a market for people like me (tons of free time and can easily waste hours and hours online) in the world of App research and development

I’m working with a little start-up company that does real-word App testing. It’s fun, because I basically play on the phone all day to see what combination of events and actions might cause the App to fail. And it’s funny that now when I spend hours playing games, I’m a valuable contributor to the process; but when I did the exact same thing at my last job, I was “unprofessional” and my services were “no longer required.”

Bonus! Being a woman of a certain age makes me a hot commodity in some markets. Pretty much the ones where old(er) people manage to simultaneously have no idea what the App is or is supposed to do, yet can freeze it up or shut it down in in a matter of minutes.

And yes, I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing right now: But Baroness, you’re far too young and hip to be working on projects like that. I know, I know … I told them that, but they seem to think my input is important and that I bring something unique to the table.

What can I say? When they’re right, they’re right.


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