Anything Can Happen Sunday, The Movie

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had material or ideas for an Anything Can Happen Sunday (ACHS) post. But for the past few weeks I’ve been conducting a study to determine the efficacy of producing quality animation and short films while lack any artistic skills. Since I’m conducting the study and am its only participant, statistically speaking, there’s a possibility my results could be slightly skewed.

But it dawned on me that ACHS would be an excellent opportunity to get feedback other than my own. So far, my own comments have been fairly positive and I’ve even said a few things that are quite flattering. But I think it’s important get compliments and flattery from other professionals and peers to legitimize the study data.

To that end, a selection of my little movies are attached below for your viewing pleasure. If this sample leaves you wanting more, a fairly common occurrence, please feel free to peruse the video page on Buttercup Central.

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