The WCOID – Day 10, On Silly Love Songs and Outdated Pop-Culture References

8BoDerekThe Writing Challenge Of Indeterminate Duration – Day 10
How you feel about love these days

Well, love is a many splendored thing, I know that. Some people say love stinks, love is blue or even that they’ve had enough of silly love songs. Maybe they lost that loving feeling and are looking for a new love; so they keep asking Is this love? but all they hear back is That ain’t love.

It shouldn’t be that hard to find, because love is everywhere. You can even find love in an elevator because that’s just the power of love. I mean, that’s the way love goes, it can be overwhelming or disappointing — like wanting  the greatest love of all but settling for “I just called to say I love you.”

Some people are looking for love in all the wrong places and end up frustrated and thinking “I want to know what love is”; while others find it everywhere and can’t help falling in love (although, the latter group is more likely to experience a love hangover). I think the hardest is when the feelings don’t sync up – one person is saying “I think I love you,” and the the other is all “what’s love got to do with it?”

There are people who seem to be riding a non-stop love roller coaster of breaking up and reuniting. And even when friends tell them it’s not healthy, they just keep saying “love will keep us together.” Personally, I think those people are experiencing some crazy  love … emphasis on crazy. You can usually tell who the roller coaster riders are, because they say things like “I will always love you” before the first date has even ended. When that red flag pops up, it’s time to  tell your potential stalker, “You give love a bad name,” and run to the nearest exit.

I’ve been single for a while now, so more and more often people tell me to get out there and “love somebody”, or at least try to “love the one you’re with.” I believe in love and I’ve been in love before, and I’m not the type to go speeding down the freeway of love just to find somebody to love. Maybe I’m  not addicted to love (which would be odd, since I seem to get addicted to everything else); I know I’m not all out of love. I just feel like you can’t hurry love; and if you try, all you’ll end up with is a tainted love.


  1. On the plus side at least you’re not of the batch that would do anything for love,and run right into Hell and back. That’s just a painful way to tan.



    1. One bout with melanoma was enough to keep me away from tanning for any reason. If love is meant to be part of my life again, it’s going to have to find me. Which shouldn’t be hard considering I’m on the couch watching TV about 90% of the time.



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