The WCOID – Day 8, On Sad Jokes

0037 day 8, 8ballThe Writing Challenge of Indeterminate Duration – Day 8
Tell the world’s saddest joke.

I very nearly rejected this prompt. In fact, I initially set it aside to go looking for another topic. But even while I was looking for something more “substantial,” my mind kept going back to sad jokes.

I know bad jokes, dumb jokes and sick jokes; jokes that make you roll your eyes, inappropriate jokes only terrible people would laugh at … and a make you realize what a terrible person you are and ones that just aren’t funny but you laugh at anyway because your boss told it. I know blonde joke, Polish jokes and gay jokes; puns and limericks and knock-knock jokes. I know jokes that come wrapped around a piece of bubblegum, jokes on Popsicle sticks where you run the risk of an ice-cream headache to get to the punchline and I remember jokes printed on little Dixie cups.

But sad jokes? I can’t say that I’ve ever heard a sad joke; or maybe I have and just Bad-Luck-Schleprock_yahoodidn’t recognize it for what it was. Just what is a sad joke anyway? Is the content of the joke the sad part, or is it the delivery that makes it sad? That is, is a joke is about Eeyore, Debbie Downer or Shleprock automatically sad because it’s about a sad person (or stuffed Donkey), or is any joke told by them made sad because of who’s telling it?

I was interested and intrigued by the idea of sad jokes, but I didn’t feel writing one carried much weight as a writing exercise. But then I thought, “What if I proclaimed Sundays Anything Can Happen Sunday (thanks BBT) and made today Post Participation Day … I’m a Baroness, I can totally do that shit. I told myself it would be a great idea, and that I’m continually astounded by the depths of my creative genius. Then I called myself a kiss-ass under my breath.

So it’s now officially Post Participation Day on the first ever Anything Can Happen Sunday, and you’re all invited to share a sad joke based on you’re own interpretation of what a sad joke is. And don’t be shy! Remember, even if your joke is terrible, your failure alone is sad, so it would still qualify as a sad joke. It’s a no-lose situation!

I’ll go first to open things up …

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
“Grandma died.”


  1. Can orphans eat at a family restaurant?

    Why do orphans like to play tennis? Because it is the only love they get.

    Why can’t orphans play baseball? Because they don’t know where home is.

    What is worse than finding half a worm in an apple. Being an orphan.



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