Damn, I wish I wrote that …

I’ve been inspired to do something new, which I’m calling “Damn, I wish I wrote that …” After Cikumukami’s post caused me to inhale my ice cream (and you thought ice cream headaches were bad…), I thought, “Gee, I bet other people would like to know what almost killed me.” So here’s her spot-on explanation of how lesbians … y’know …

It’s A Little Dyke In Here – March 2, 2015

“So what do you actually, you know… do?”
“Well. It all begins with something we like to call the “joining of the lunar essences”. We hold hands, look deeply into each other’s eyes and harness one another’s erotic energy. Next comes an elaborate tea-drinking ceremony, where we name our favorite feminist poets. If we agree on more than three, we can move onto the binding of the goddess egos.”

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