Need Some Karma Points??

August 18, 2016 — Leave a comment

curious george

If you’re in the market for a good deed to do, I’ve got a great opportunity for you. Aside from being an excellent writer, I’m also highly skilled at producing terrible animation … a talent I discovered only recently. I’m happy to have found an artistic outlet that doesn’t require an abundance of artistic ability, and I’m grateful to the app developer for providing a tool (Rough Animator) that also didn’t require a great deal of expertise or prior knowledge.

So, it turns out that the developer in question is part of a team  that’s producing a documentary about the creators of Curious George. The behind the scenes work has apparently been going on for quite sometime, so a great deal of effort has already gone into the project. Now they’re at the point where in order to finish the job, they need a certain amount of fundage.

This is where you have the chance to add some good karma points to your life. They’ve put together a Kickstarter campaign and there are only six days left to get the funding or lose what they’ve already collected. If you’re a fan of Curious George, documentaries or animation … or if you’re just a super cool generous type, please consider making a donation to their campaign. Or if money is in short supply, perhaps you’d be willing to share or re-blog this post to help get the campaign more exposure.

Thanks in advance to all those who choose to donate or share!

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